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WATS 6850 - Geomorphic Change Detection

Instills background theory of geomorphic change detection and sediment budgeting in rivers and surveying with repeat topographic surveying. Builds proficiency in applying principles to real datasets using GCD software. 1 credit; 3-5 day workshop. ArcGIS experience recommended.

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Update! As of 2020, WATS 6850 is no longer being taught. The coures was last taught in Spring 2019.

WATS 5150 - Fluvial Geomorphology

This course focuses on field analysis of physical processes in streams that control their shape, plan form, slope, bed material, and channel bar distribution. Students apply geomorphology to aquatic ecology and environmental restoration. Weekend field trips are required.

Note that WATS 5150/6150 is a 3 credit, spring semester class taught by JJoe Wheaton. It now includes poritions of the WATS 6850 curriculum in the lab portion.

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