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Fuzzy Membership Funciton Input & Ouput Plots in R

This script has a function that produces FIS input and output plots (as a *.pdf) based on the x,y coordinates of each membership function.

What do you need to run the script?

  • A basic working knowledge of R (i.e., you know how to open a script, highlight code, and run it).

  • Note the script will not take an *.fis as input. The input is a *.csv and at present it will need to be formatted the same as the exFIS.csv which can be found in the The ‘Step 1’ video tutorial walks through the steps of formatting the *.csv based on an *.fis. This step requires an ability to ‘read’ an *.fis and a fundamental understanding of FIS membership function parameters and shape.

  • There are five arguments you will need to define in the beginning of the script before running it:

    • Filepath to formatted fis *.csv file
    • plot.title: Title of plot.
    • plot.width: Plot width in inches
    • plot.height: Plot height in inches
    • plot.out: Ouput *.pdf filepath

In the you will find:

  • ` Lemhi_TS_2Input_PD_SLP.fis` - FIS example is based on
  • exFIS.csv - Example of how input data needs to be formatted
  • fisMFPlot.R - R script
  • exFISPlot.pdf - Example output


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