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GeoTERM GCD Aberden Workshop

Meeting Details

DATES: April 18-20, 2018

  1. The meeting will take place at the SEPA regional office in Aberdeen 9-5 on Weds 18 and Thurs 19th of April. This is located at: Inverdee House, Baxter Street, Aberdeen AB11 9QA - tell +44 1224 266600.
  2. Our host at SEPA will be Alasdair Matheson not Helen Reid, as Helen has recently started maternity leave and Alasdair is stepping in to represent and coordinate for SEPA.
  3. We will be joined by colleagues from SEPA and also the James Hutton Research Institute who work extensively with SEPA on geomorphology and river science problems.
  4. The meeting will largely be focused around Joe and I, together with one of our software engineers, Matt Reimer, showcasing the new structure and functionality of the GCD AddIn and standalone versions, plus also the new linked cross-section viewer tool. While you are welcome to sit back and watch, it would be useful if you were able to bring a laptop with a verision of Arc (though we can provide if needed) as you will then be able to follow the exercises interactively. I should add here, that the goal of the workshop is NOT to replace formal training and that we will provide that on an institutional basis back in NZ, so no need to panic.
  5. We will finish the meeting with a field day visiting sites associated with SEPA’s case study on the River Dee. We will provide transport, but you should aim to bring some wet (and warm) weather gear - this is Scotland in April after all!
  6. With the exception of David, I have organized rooms (bed and breakfast) at the local Aberdeen IBIS hotel (Matt - Tues-Fri inclusive; Jo Weds-Thurs inclusive). The address for this is: 15 Shiprow, Aberdeen AB11 5BY, Phone +44 1224 398800.
Workshop Exercises

Recap of GeoTERM Project & Agenda

James went through these slides:

Reminder of Scope of Work

We were pleased to report that thanks to North Arrow Research deciding to dontate time and invest in the future of GCD, we got many new enhancements and features that were out of scope for the GeoTERM budget.


For the workshop, we presented the Beta GCD 7 Software to the GeoTERM working group and went through excercises and demos to show off its features. Related to this we also unveiled TAT and a very preliminary verison of the Cross Section Viewer

GCD 7.0.16 BETA AddIn GCD 7.0.16 BETA Stand Alone TAT - Topographic Analysis Toolkit Cross Section Viewer 2.0 BETA

Participants & Partners

This workshop was made possible thanks to a NERC - UK Natural Enviornment Research Council - Award (NE/P016804/1), which funded participant and partner travel as well as software development.

Our International Partners who have been generous with their time, sharing their expertise, data, articulating their needs and in-kind funding and support.

Agencies and Research Institutes


New Zealand Regional Councils:

ECAN Hawkes Ottago

Consulting Firms



Waikato USU

GCD is a Riverscapes Project.


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