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Simple Change Detection in Raster Calculator vs. GCD


This exercise is intended to contrast how to build a DoD (DEM of Difference) with simple change detection minimum level of detection thresholding in ArcGIS’s raster calculator versus using the GCD.

Sulphur Creek, CA

  • 300m of gravel bed river near St. Helena California that underwent a flood in December 2005.
  • Two surveys
  • 0.5m cell resolution
  • RTKGPS and Total Station
Excercise Data for Part 1 & 2

River Feshie, Scotland, UK

Excercise Data for Part 3

Prerequisite for this Exercise

  • Some ArcGIS experience
  • ArcGIS 10.X w/ Spatial Analyst Extension
  • GCD Add-In

Step by Step

Part 1A Raster Calculator


In this video tutorial, we show you how to do a simple DoD Analysis in ArcGIS 10 just using the rater calculator.

The example data used in this tutorial are from Sulphur Creek, Napa County, California.

For corresponding lecture slides and more context, see this topic from GCD Workshop.

Part 1B Threshold



Part 2 GCD


Part 3 Practice in GCD


GCD 7 Tutorial Video
GCD 6 Tutorial Video

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