Geomorphic Change Detection Software

Feature Requests

Making Feature Requests

We would like to hear what you have to say about the future direction of GCD development! Please log feature requests as issues on GitHub. Be sure to tag them as enhancement (if you need help on how to post an issue see here).

   GCD Enhancements

How Features are Funded

The GCD Software is free and will always be under the GNU Public License. Both the ArcGIS Addin and Standalone versions are freeware. However, nothing actually gets done truly for free. Someone ends up paying for it. As faculty at Utah State University, Joe Wheaton and Philip Bailey have both donated a ton of hours to this cause. However, we have been able to complete this works thanks to the generous grants and contracts from our sponsors and partners. The research and software development to date has been funded from a mix of public and private funds. Future software development and features are partly dependent on our ability to continue to secure grants and contracts for North Arrow Research to do this work. However, many small features, bug fixes and improvements can be made with smaller investments and donations from users.

Want to Donate to the Cause?

We have started a PayPal donation account for users who want to see specific features added to the GCD. You can contribute as little as $10 to the cause, or as much as $500. If you want to put your donation toward a specific development feature, please copy the URL from the enhancement issue on GitHub, and we will apply your money toward that task. Donations are accepted in any amount, and when we reach a threshold of donations for a specific feature, we will develop it and publish a new release. You can make a secure donation below using PayPal:

Donation Type
Forum URL for Feature (opt.)

Want Something More Specific and Concrete

If you want to see specific features definitely incorporated into the GCD, get in touch with us and we can discuss setting up a contract or grant.