Geomorphic Change Detection Software

GCD Projects and File Structures

GCD organizes data and analyses into “projects”. GCD projects are self contained. You can move the folder containing the GCD project to a different location on your computer and it will continue to work. You can also compress a GCD project folder into a zip archive and share it with other users. A GCD project consists of three primary elements:

  1. A folder (fixed path) on your file system where the project and its contents exist.
  2. A *.gcd project file that defines the location of layers within the project.
  3. All the GCD input and output files stored in sub-folders of the project folder

Sharing GCD Projects

Zipping up a GCD Project and all of its contents is easy, and anyone with the same version of GCD can open up your project and view the results. We illustrate how below: